Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach: Drives Unparalleled  Results

Our Organizational Structure is agent centric, using simplified and user friendly methodologies at a very reasonable cost to the agent – the Real Estate Office of tomorrow… here today.

T.E.A.M.: Together Everybody Achieves More

iREPS Toronto Realty’s organizational structure enhances the traditional Team beyond local borders to better serve the demands of today’s Real Estate market, by taking into the consideration demographics and changing culture dynamics. iREPS Toronto Realty is redefining the Team idea, making it fair to all participants, no more pyramid structures…welcome to a cyclical model where everybody has equal status and helping each other to succeed.

SYSTEM: Our aim for the last several years remained focused to create a SYSTEM, with an exceptional design, and then let the SYSTEM speak for itself.

Success starts with our direct response lead generator tools that attract dozens of serious, qualified visitors to our web-site every day.

You save time by having prospects automatically qualified, scored and nurtured by our system, compelled to do business with us.

Selectively follow-up with qualified ready-to-act buyers and sellers, promptly and on real time.

Tell your prospects WIFM (What’s In It For Them) by presenting our Unique Selling Points (USP’s) – the unique benefits that we offer buyers and sellers using the unparalleled marketing capabilities of our system.

Expertly service your customers … over deliver on our promises with fulfillment tools, already in our disposal, that provide exceptional customer service and results.

Make the customer a raving fan, so that when our system keeps in touch with them, we create customers for life who we can program to give us referrals, testimonials, and repeat business.

LIMITED NUMBER of AGENTS: A key to make a system coherent and successful.

ONLY 415 qualified agents will be part of the iREPS Toronto Realty’s team with full access to Value Added Benefits of our Marketing Automation Platform that are just not available at other local offices.

  1. We Provide Integrated Systems to Help You Achieve More
  2. You Get Leveraged Through Our Systems
  3. You Get Leveraged Through our Resources & Staff
  4. You Get Leads Generated Through our Systems
  5. You Get Appointments Generated Through Our Systems
  6. You Get Leveraged Through Our Technology


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