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  • What makes your home and community unique?
  • Now is the time to make note of why your home is a buyer’s dream.

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Work with The Experts

  • Work with iReps to get expert guidance.
  • From renovations and repairs, to pricing strategies, listing, staging and closing – the experienced iReps team can help you navigate it all.
  • Stay informed about market conditions, including recently sold, conditionally sold, current and expired listings.
  • Leverage intel from iReps’ technology to identify and reach the most suitable buyers – with a proven system that works.
  • The elite iReps team will keep you in the know every step of the way.
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Marketing Your Home

  •  Identify the target market and lookalike audiences.
  • Create and optimize a digital presence.
  • Smartly choose the advertising venues for your property.
  • Utilize iReps’ iReach technology to target the right buyers.
  • Pre-market your home and test the asking price.
  • Maximise exposure for your property with iReps’ exceptional Marketing Partners.

Accepting the Right Offer

  • Pre-qualifying purchasers.
  • Navigating offers and optimizing multiple offer scenarios.
  • Managing counter offers and negotiating for the best price.
  • Setting contract terms and conditions according to your expectations and needs.
  • Ensuring that your transaction completely complies with all regulations.

Ensuring that your transaction completely complies with all regulations.

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